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Northern California Cannabis Tours

from San Francisco Dispensaries to the Farms of the Emerald Triangle

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California grows the finest quality cannabis in the world, and its famed Emerald Triangle — made up of Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity Counties — is the largest cannabis-producing region of the United States.

For generations, farmers in Mendocino have been growing the best marijuana on the planet, and Mendocino’s terroir — its unique combination of weather, topography, sun, and soil — provides the ideal conditions for them to apply their craft. Come explore Mendocino’s cannabis with us!

What Our Guests Are Saying on TripAdvisor

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The Best Day of My Life thanks Chris!
The only way I can describe this tour is fun, amazing, and the best day of my life haha. We were able to see not only an indoor and an outdoor grow house, visit a dispensary, and also see the majestic Redwood trees! All while hanging out with the homies. Chris and Misha felt like old friends that I had not seen in forever. You also get baked and go to this amazing bakery in a cute downtown area.

– Sonja M., TripAdvisor
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A one of a kind experience!
This was a truly unique and fun experience. The tour guide was a great driver and really entertaining. Each stop on the tour had something different to share and it was very informative. We bought so many fresh baked goods to take home! All of this and a gorgeous drive through the beautiful Mendocino countryside. This is not your great Aunt's stuffy wine tour. This is a tour like nothing you've ever experienced before.

– JennaBella19, TripAdvisor
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We loved our Woods, Wine & Weed Tour with Misha!
Perfect way to celebrate a 21st birthday! We covered everything from a cannabis farm, to a delicious wine tasting, to a dispensary, to a tasty lunch in Hopland, to a beautiful walk in the woods to see ancient redwoods. We are locals and yet Misha took us to exceptional places that we had never heard of. A wonderful day in Northern California, whether you are a native or a just in town for a visit.

– RPB, TripAdvisor
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Amazing day with everything you hope to see!!
Truly the perfect Cannabis day! Incredible Northern California, The Emerald Triangle. A truly great tour, the day was put together perfectly and we all had an incredible time. Lunch was to die for, I brought a Peach Pie home for $8 from the bakery deli we visited. I also got a few nice flowers and concentrates from the dispensaries. Great for both the experienced and the new Cannabis enthusiast!

– arcierik, TripAdvisor