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California Cannabis Farm Tours near San Francisco

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California grows the finest quality cannabis in the world, and its famed Emerald Triangle — made up of Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity Counties — is the largest cannabis-producing region of the United States.

For generations, farmers in Mendocino have been growing the best marijuana on the planet, and Mendocino’s terroir — its unique combination of weather, topography, sun, and soil — provides the ideal conditions for them to apply their craft. Come explore Mendocino’s cannabis with us!

What Our Guests Are Saying


The Best Day of My Life thanks Chris!
The only way I can describe this tour is fun, amazing, and the best day of my life haha. We were able to see not only an indoor and an outdoor grow house, visit a dispensary, and also see the majestic Redwood trees! All while hanging out with the homies. Chris and Misha felt like old friends that I had not seen in forever. You also get baked and go to this amazing bakery in a cute downtown area.

– Sonja M, TripAdvisor

A one of a kind experience!
This was a truly unique and fun experience. The tour guide was a great driver and really entertaining. Each stop on the tour had something different to share and it was very informative. We bought so many fresh baked goods to take home! All of this and a gorgeous drive through the beautiful Mendocino countryside. This is not your great Aunt's stuffy wine tour. This is a tour like nothing you've ever experienced before.

– JennaBella19, TripAdvisor

We loved our Woods, Wine & Weed Tour with Misha!
Perfect way to celebrate a 21st birthday! We covered everything from a cannabis farm, to a delicious wine tasting, to a dispensary, to a tasty lunch in Hopland, to a beautiful walk in the woods to see ancient redwoods. We are locals and yet Misha took us to exceptional places that we had never heard of. A wonderful day in Northern California, whether you are a native or a just in town for a visit.

– RPB, Yelp

Amazing day with everything you hope to see!!
Truly the perfect Cannabis day! Incredible Northern California, The Emerald Triangle. A truly great tour, the day was put together perfectly and we all had an incredible time. Lunch was to die for, I brought a Peach Pie home for $8 from the bakery deli we visited. I also got a few nice flowers and concentrates from the dispensaries. Great for both the experienced and the new Cannabis enthusiast!

– arcierik, TripAdvisor

Recommending to everyone visiting California!
We originally book for the wine and weed tour as not both of us are into cannabis and wanted something to tick two boxes and due to the ever growing business requirements we understood that cancelling this tour and putting us in another due to lack of demand was fair enough - we thoroughly enjoyed nevertheless! Chris was a fantastic tour guide, reciting poems and giving us a guide on Everything we drove past, including the history of cannabis too - a really amazing touch for a long bus journey. The tour was amazing, we hugely enjoyed the book ended dispensaries, ability to wander around by ourselves and also the redwoods!! OMG the redwoods, perfect touch to make the tour more friendly to people who don’t use cannabis. We can not wait to visit again when the company is thriving and to see how you’re all getting on - hugely recommend to anyone wanting to smoke, relax and enjoy some history. Thank you so much Chris x

– PugmammaWales, TripAdvisor

Best Tour Ever!
Why go on a wine tour when you could go on a wine AND weed tour? The best tour of my life! Its a full tour packed with just the right amount of activities. On the drive up Misha was very knowledgable about historical and local facts and I learned a lot about the Bay Area. We stopped at a few dispensaries and a permaculture farm. He knows all the great spots and exactly what to do and where to go. Ive driven through Mendocino county a million times but never knew where to stop! After we had explored a few dispensaries we were famished. I guess going to multiple dispensaries is hard work (or perhaps we were suddenly hungry for a different reason...who knows?). We stopped at a delicious restaurant for lunch before heading to a beautiful winery overlooking vineyards, a marijuana lounge and a marijuana farm. At the farm Misha took us around and showed us how Marijuana is grown. It was very informative. The drive home was a breeze because we all took a little nap. Highly recommend this tour if you are looking for a fun, unique tour or if you would like to learn more about the marijuana industry.

– Zoe S, Yelp

The Mendocino Experience is IT!
I had such a wonderful time on our weed tour with Misha. We met at the dispensary and were warmly greeted, got our shop on at the dispensary and then enjoyed a smoke outside. We went to tour the pot farm and it was beautiful and serene. We learned about the different types of growing conditions (outdoor, light dep, greenhouse) on-site and then we just got to sit back and feed the fish at the farm, and enjoy a nice doobie as we sat on the porch and chatted. As a cherry on top we stopped at the winery and enjoyed a bottle with Misha. He was a great tour guide - filled to the brim with information and funny stories. My hubby left his water bottle and they got it back to him - talk about top notch customer service! I would HIGHLY recommend the Mendocino Experience Cannabis Farm Tour to anyone!

– April Price, Google Reviews

This tour was so much fun!
Our guide Chris was so amazing from beginning to end. He was really cool to hangout with too. I knew things were going to be a bit different given the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic but Chris was so professional and did a great job making the best of times. His education was very entertaining. We ate at a great restaurant which hit the spot. The best part for me was instead of wine tasting I was bud tasting!!!!! My husband and I choose to take a ride up to see the redwoods after the farm. I highly suggest doing this! The ride is insane but it is so worth it if you can hang. Chris, thanks for being our guiding light you really got us out our comfort zone and took me to one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen in my 40 years on this earth. The Emerald Triangle is a must if your in the San Francisco area. I could see how a large group would be make this tour lots of fun but the small group we had made it very peaceful. Just us and the beautiful trees!!!!

– Toramichele Laster, Google Reviews

This was my first tour guide experience and I had a blast!
We were treated like VIP'S the entire time and learned a ton about the history of the area and about the Cannabis industry. The cannabis farm tour was beyond my expectations and I have a new respect for the commercial side of the business. It was truly magical walking amongst the plants in full bloom! Misha was great about checking in to make sure everyone had a great time and truly guided the experience. It was so much better than anything I could have curated on my own and I definitely look forward to taking another tour next time I'm back in the area!

– Yvonne Brown, Google Reviews

The Mendocino Experience was truly one of the best days of my adult life!
From morning pick up to evening drop off, I enjoyed the entirety of my day! The first stop is truly a magical place filled with beautiful vistas of nature and a gorgeous farm! We had the chance to enjoy some herbs out on the deck and walked around taking it all in. Misha is an excellent tour guide and we could not have done this amazing trip without him. He cracked us up the whole day and gave a lot of great information about how to grow plants and harvest them. Our lunch spot was delicious and the winery was spectacular! There is nothing better then weed and wine and great food! The winery itself is beautiful! We sat outside right next to the vineyard sampling the wines and walking among the vines. This tour is highly recommended for anyone coming to the Bay Area! They have everything you would want on a tour. Best 420 tour for the best price! Loved every minute. Book a tour today!

– Talia Schiff, Google Reviews

Visiting pot farms in California
On my trip to San Francisco, I had an unforgettable experience traveling on a cannabis farm tour with the mendoexperience. Chris is an unrivaled storyteller, an awesome guide and a great actor. I learned a lot of new and interesting things on the farm, where the atmosphere is very friendly and fun. Definitely, this is a unique trip that will forever remain in your memory. Highly recommended!

– Julia Heifetz, Google Reviews