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Farewell to Emerald Pharms, The Most Beautiful Dispensary on Earth

Copy of relaxing at Solar Living Center

Many pleasures come with bringing the world to California’s cannabis country – seeing the look in people’s eyes when they first see acres of beautiful weed growing in the California sun as the heady aroma of blooming colas wafts through the air, sharing the history of marijuana in the world, and showing people the reality of wholesome family farms growing a beneficial plant are definitely among them.



But one of my very favorite things was always our first stop for a morning wake and bake at the most beautiful cannabis dispensary on the planet – Emerald Pharms.



Situated on the stunning 12 acre parcel that housed The Solar Living Center in Hopland, the entryway to The Emerald Triangle, this little slice of paradise was both the culmination of the drive from San Francisco where the scenery keeps getting more and more beautiful the farther you head north, and the perfect first impression of a compassionate professional cannabis dispensary.


Emerald Pharms started out as a medical cannabis dispensary back in 2015, and their commitment to patient health and education was always front and center.  The place had the vibe of an upscale health spa – brightly lit with geodes of crystals, beautiful indoor plants, and works of art all around the room, free herbal teas and tinctures, and extremely knowledgeable staffers trained by Project CBD, and certified in medicinal cannabis who were always happy to educate everyone who came through their door.  They had all kinds of free informational materials on cannabinoids, terpenes, and medical research that guests could take with them.



But the most impressive thing about Emerald Pharms was the breathtaking beauty of their 12 acre smoking lounge.  Travelers from all over the world marveled at the natural beauty of the place as they sat in hammocks under the redwoods toking up and gazing at the willow trees hanging over the ponds teaming with local fish, or wandered through the bamboo pyramid that had its own micro climate within, or strolled through the grove of trees growing up through 1950s era sedans – the only indication that this stunningly beautiful bio oasis was once a junkyard.



Sadly, once Covid 19 hit, the tourists stopped coming to Mendo, and Canna Craft, the therapeutic cannabis company who owned Emerald Pharms, decided to close up shop.



It was very sad to see such an amazing place go away, but all hope is not lost.  The Solar Living Center was bought by Flow Kana, one of the largest aggregators of cannabis from small craft Mendocino farms in the industry, and they undoubtedly will open a dispensary there again when tourism to the Emerald Triangle opens up again.  They will have big shoes to fill replacing this legendary Mendocino dispensary, and we wish them all the luck in the world.


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