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We’re Open For Business!


2020 was supposed to be the breakout year for cannabis tourism.


For two years we’d been doing tours and getting rave reviews.  Buzz was building.  We had taken tourists to California cannabis country from nearly every continent on the globe from seasoned herb smokers,  adventurous epicurean cannasseurs, and professional growers to the canna curious and travelers who just wanted to get a peek into the culture and industry of grass in Northern California.  Our Instagram followers numbered in the thousands.  We had more guests booking weed tours in the winter of 2020 than in the summers of 2018 and 2019 combined, and it wasn’t just us.  The entire CCTA was buzzing about the explosion of interest in marijuana tourism.  The numbers were screaming loudly and clearly.  Everyone was ready for the floodgates to burst at the beginning of the 2020 tourism season – Spring Break, March 2020!


You know what happened next.   Tourism was the very first industry to be crippled by the Covid 19 pandemic.  Over night we went from being the breakout new California tour to being in lockdown.


After the initial shock wore off, we pivoted.   We converted our sales van to a delivery van to fill the need for deliveries the pandemic presented.  We found other ways to share what we had to offer.  We started a YouTube channel where we took the elements of our tours, education, humor, and the beauty of Mendocino County, and brought them to the people who could no longer come to us.  We made the best of a bad situation.


a van parked on the side of a road


We still knew cannabis tourism is going to be the next big thing in California – it just wasn’t going to happen this year.


Then something strange began to happen.


People started calling us to ask to go on tours.


At first, we turned them away.  “Sorry, California’s on lock down.  It’s just not safe to run tours during a pandemic”.  The calls kept coming, but the safety of both our guests and the farmers and dispensary workers we visit on our tours is paramount to us.  There is just no safe way to pile a bunch of tourists from all over the planet into a luxury tour bus for a two hour drive up to the farms and dispensaries of Mendocino County.


As we learned more about how the virus is transmitted, and what activities are safe, we started to see that there might be a way to conduct tours in a safe and responsible way.


Most of the locations we visit are outdoors.  The pot farms are outdoors.  The giant redwoods are outdoors.  The wineries we visit have outdoor wine tastings.  So, we scrapped all the tours we’d developed before the pandemic.  Gone are the Cannabis Deep Dive Tour, The Woods Wine and Weed Tour, the Friday 420 Bud Tasting Tour, the visit to the largest indoor grow in Mendocino County, and even our tour bus.  We began to build a brand new tour from the ground up. – our new All-Outdoor Physically Distanced Cannabis Farm Tour.



Now, instead of meeting at The San Francisco Ferry Building and Fisherman’s Wharf with our tour bus, everyone drives their own car.  We meet at Canna Craft cannabis dispensary in Hopland, have a physically distanced wake and bake, and an outdoor lunch, and then we head up to the organic outdoor farms of Emerald City Genetics in Redwood Valley.  From there we have a build your own tour model, where our guests can visit the giant redwoods, or go to an outdoor wine tasting at Rivino Winery, or enjoy the outdoor weed lounge at Kure Wellness Center to enjoy more Sungrown Marijuana from the best bud growers of The Emerald Triangle.  Everyone is required to wear masks, of course, and maintain a safe distance.



We had our first tour this past Saturday, and it couldn’t have gone better!  We are even working on future plans for an outdoor bud tasting experience at the farm.



So, If you have been longing to get out into the fresh air and sunshine of California cannabis country, we’re ready to give you the best experience of Mendocino once again.