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5 more states legalize marijuana. What does this bode for cannabis, weed tours, and cannabis tourism?

5 states that legalized cannasseur cannabis

Cannasseurs delight! 5 more states legalize weed

The 2020 election was nothing if not dramatic.  Many were surprised to find all 5 states that had marijuana legalization on their ballots gave cannabis the green thumbs up, and 4 of them were deep red states!


Times have definitely changed, but what does this mean for the cannabis industry and for cannabis tourism?


Few states remain that haven’t legalized cannabis, and word is they’re coming around as well.  I believe 2021 will be the year we federally legalize cannabis, and it’s long overdue.

map of states where cannasseurs can legally enjoy imbibing

Cannasseurs are imbibing legally in more & more states

Once cannabis is legal federally, we can finally open up trade between the states and with the rest of the world.  Already most of the marijuana enjoyed illegally in our country comes from pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle.  It will be great to have it legal, quality controlled, properly labelled, and taxed to raise revenue for every state in the Union.  Our neighbors to the north made cannabis federally legal a couple of years back.  Canada exports cannabis to countries all around the globe.  We grow the best weed on the planet here in The Emerald Triangle.  Those should be our export markets, and once we legalize cannabis federally, they will be!


Trade in cannabis and in hemp will provide a much needed boon to America’s long suffering agricultural economy.  Growing a crop that is naturally pest resistant and rejuvenates the soil is good for our environment, and more cost effective for farmers than many of the other crops they have been growing.  Federally legal cannabis paves the way for new technologies like non-toxic and biodegradable hemp based plastics and carbon neutral fuels.  And I’m looking forward to seeing American grown hemp fabrics become commonplace in textile markets worldwide.


But what will this all mean for California Cannabis tourism once cannabis is legal everywhere?


Once it’s legal to grow cannabis in any state, will people still flock to The Emerald Triangle?

People touring pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

People touring pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle

We’ve been running cannabis tours in Northern California for a couple of years now, and  I would estimate that close to half of the people who come on our tours are either growers or want-to-be growers from states and countries where weed isn’t legal yet, but they expect it to be soon.


People from all over the world want to learn from the deep brain trust we have in The Emerald Triangle of multigenerational pot growers who’ve known this plant intimately since they were in the womb.  One anecdote I love to tell is about what happened at a harvest festival we attended at Emerald City Genetics up in Willits, California.  We were sitting at a table with several of Mendo’s top cannabis farmers, sampling their handiwork from the past year.  We were all marveling at the amazing bud Jesse, of Sticky Fields, had grown.  Jesse humbly said, “Aaah, my grandmama grew better weed than me”.   The thirst for that kind of deep knowledge will only grow as more people farm cannabis in their home countries and states.

a group of cannasseurs posing for the camera with a fat bud

Emerald City Genetics’ Master Grower Nepat (L), Jesse, master grower of Sticky Fields (C), and a very happy cannasseur tourist standing next to greatness (R)


Not only that, but California cannabis country is undeniably one of the most  beautiful places on the planet, and people will always want to see how beautifully cannabis grows in the ideal terroir of The Emerald Triangle.  Several states in the U.S. have wineries and their own version of wine country, but during tourist season thousands still flock to Sonoma and Napa every day.  I believe we will see those same kinds of numbers of San Francisco tourists flocking to weed country in the same way we see them flock to wine country now.  Mendocino County borders Sonoma County, and it’s just as easy of a day trip from San Francisco.

Two cannasseurs relaxing by a willow pond imbibing

Two cannasseurs relaxing and imbibing and taking in the beauty of The Emerald Triangle

Cannabis legalization is win win all the way around.  It will be good for the economy, the environment, for farmers, for tourism, and for those who just want to get out and see the beauty of Northern California cannabis country.


See you on your next visit!