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10 Reasons For Going On a Cannabis Tour When You Visit California


Cannabis is becoming legal in more states in the U.S. and in more countries around the world as more and more people come to California to go on cannabis tours.


So you’re planning a trip to Northern California.  Why should you come on a cannabis tour while you’re here?  Here are ten great reasons!


Cannabis country is beautiful!

The Emerald Triangle is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  From the rolling hills spotted with oaks, to the miles of vineyards, to the giant coastal redwoods, to the stunning NorCal coast, you are surrounded by beauty everywhere you go when visiting cannabis country.


It’s an easy side trip when you visit San Francisco.


The trip to cannabis country couldn’t be any simpler.  Just drive north across the Golden Gate Bridge, and keep going.  The drive gets progressively more and more beautiful as you head north through Marin County, home of Shel Silverstein who wrote the most epic weed poem ever written, and the place where the term 420 originated, through the scenic vineyards of Sonoma County. When Highway 101 turns into a 35 MPH street going through the center of the quaint town of Hopland, you’re there!


Explore a fascinating part of California culture.

a group of people sitting at a table

Marijuana is as much a part of California culture as sunshine, surf, and giant redwoods.  For generations, families have been organically growing this healing herb along with their vegetables, and sharing the bounty of their harvest with friends and family.  Now, for the first time in history, you get to be a part of it!


Learn the true history of a much maligned plant and the benefits it provides.

Dennis Peron standing in a room

Cannabis history is California History.  We were the first state to make marijuanna illegal back in 1913.  William Randolph Hearst, whose newspaper empire and yellow journalism were instrumental in making pot illegal federally, started that empire in San Francisco with The San Francisco Examiner, a paper his father won in a poker game that is still published in San Francisco to this day.  California is where the hippie revolution of the 60’s peaked in The Haight Ashbury during the summer of love, and those same hippies, in response to Nixon’s crack down, moved en masse up to The Emerald Triangle with the back to the land movement, and started the family farms that produce the finest grass in the world to this day.  California is where weed legalization began as heroes like Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary championed cannabis as a medicine that helped seriously ill people dying of cancer and AIDS, and where compassionate use first became law.


Get vacation pics that will make all your friends wish they were there.

Do you want vacation pics that will get everyone talking?  Not only is California cannabis country beautiful, but how many people are able to boast profile pics in front of enormous colas on a farm of huge blooming pot plants?


Our deep brain trust.

a group of people posing for the camera

Emerald City Genetics’ Master Grower Nepat (L), Jesse, master grower of Sticky Fields (C), and a very happy tourist standing next to greatness (R)

Both aspiring herb growers and experienced professional cannabis growers from all over the world flock to The Emerald Triangle to learn cannabis cultivation from the best weed growers in the world!  Our farmers have been growing cannabis for generations, and they know more about growing weed than anyone else on the planet!  They are also incredibly generous with their knowledge, often exchanging numbers with growers to make themselves available long after visitors to Northern California have gone back home to their own cannabis grows.


Sample the best weed on the planet!

a close up of a tree

There is simply no better weed on earth than the cannabis grown in The Emerald Triangle.  Here we have the ultimate terroir, (the combination of soil and climate) to grow the finest marihuanna in the world, combined with the multi-generational knowledge of farmers who grew up learning the ins and outs of cannabis growing since they were little kids.  You simply can’t find better weed than we grow in The Emerald Triangle.  And with California’s new Appellations law, soon cannabis will have official appellations just like wine does, so you can enjoy your Ukiah Valley OG Kush along with your Napa Valley Cabernet.


Phenomenal prices!

Not only is our weed the best on the planet, but when you shop locally, you get phenomenal direct from the fam prices.  The dispensaries up here buy directly from the farmers, and know them personally.  So stock up while you’re here.  It’s entirely possible that when you’re in the lovely outdoor lounge at Kure Wellness Center, smoking a preroll of Martyjuana Covelo Reserve, (possibly the best preroll I’ve ever smoked) Marty might just pop by.


A well rounded cannabis tour gives you so much more than cannabis.

a tree in a forest

Cannabis country is so much more than cannabis.  Besides the phenomenal scenic beauty The Emerald triangle has to offer, we have award winning wineries, great microbreweries, delicious restaurants, the majestic giant redwoods, white water rafting, hiking, secluded beaches, and a billion stars at night!


A unique and unforgettable experience.

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A Northern California vacation is like no other, and cannabis country offers the best of the best, no matter what you’re looking for.  A visit to The Emerald Triangle will be the trip of a lifetime!  Come on out, and let us roll out the green carpet for you!  It’s the trip that keeps on giving!


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