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My Top 10 Weed Songs

a close up of Ziggy Marley

Back before the pandemic and our new Covid safe tour, when we were still bringing guests up to The Emerald Triangle from San Francisco for a day trip on our tour bus, we’d have a couple hours to fill in either direction.  On the way north to Mendocino County was the meat of our informational part of our cannabis tour.  We’d talk about how to consume pot responsibly as a beginner.  We’d cover the history of cannabis.  As we passed through Marin County, we’d talk about the origins of the term 420, and Shel Silverstein’s epic marijuana poem, The Smokeoff, and we’d answer everyone’s questions so they felt safe, informed, and ready for an exciting day in cannabis country.


The return trip to San Francisco was a whole other story.  Typically we’d be pouring our guests back on the bus after a visit to the $5 dab bar at Kure Wellness Center in Ukiah.  Everybody was tired, stoned, and happy.  It’s also good that they were so highly educated throughout the day, because nobody at that point was absorbing any more information.  So, as many tours often do for the return trip home, we put together a soundtrack for our guests to enjoy along the way.


Back in the day when we worked guiding wine tours to the Sonoma and Napa Valleys, we’d play a mix of wine songs and San Francisco songs.  That’s because there just aren’t that many wine songs.  Good luck coming up with enough wine music to count on even one hand.


Weed is different.  Herb inspires creativity.  When we started researching cannabis songs, we came up with hours of marijuana music.  No matter how long the trip home, or how much traffic we ran into, we always had plenty of music all the way home.  Marijuana music spans every genre and era.


Here are my top 10 favorite songs from our extensive weed soundtrack.  They’re in no particular order.  Click on the title to hear the track.




Smoke Two Joints – The Toyes

a group of colorful graffiti

This one is probably on everyone’s list.  It’s about the best time to toke.


Because I Got High – Afroman

Afroman holding a sign

This cautionary tale about prioritizing weed over everything else is nonetheless a very popular party song that everyone loves to sing along to.


Marijuanaman – Ziggy Marley

a close up of Ziggy Marley

Ziggy’s version of what the world could be like if the world embraced marijuanna.


Gospel Weed Song – Bizarre

Bizarre et al. holding a sign

Love the deep funk of this track.  All you need is Jesus and weed!


Mary Jane – Rick James

A classic from the king of funk, Rick James.  I remember when it was originally getting airplay.


Too High For the Supermarket – The Uninvited


This one I had never heard before assembling our Marihuanna soundtrack.  If you’ve ever been high in public, you can relate.


Champagne & Reefer – Muddy Waters

a close up of a sign

The blues legend gives us a classic hard rockin’ blues take on what a man needs.  Classic!


Hits From the Bong – Cypress Hill


Cypress Hill was the voice of weed in the 90’s.  I was living in New York, where Saturday Night Live actually goes out live in the 90’s, and I got to see the legendary moment they blazed at the end of their set on live T.V.  The moment was cut out of the west coast rebroadcast.  Any of Cypress Hill’s songs could be on this list.  I chose this one because of the great sound effect of the bong, and some of their great lines.


How to Roll a Blunt – Redman

a group of purple flowers

One of the best party songs of all time.  This one always gets the joint jumpin’!


Young, Wild & Free –  Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars

Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa are posing for a picture

I love the vibe of this groovy edition to the genre of youthful rebellion songs.  I always tried to finish my weed tour with this song playing as we approached the San Francisco ferry building as our tour came to a close.




Reefer Man – Cab Calloway

a group of people posing for a photo

One of my very favorites on our soundtrack, this one dates back to the jazz age, back when reefer was still legal in the United States.

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