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San Francisco is the Center of the Cannasseur Cannaverse

The Golden Gate Bridge to weed tours from San Francisco

Cannasseurs flock to San Francisco to go on weed tours

There’s been a lot of talk about national cannabis legalization lately as speculation increases that Congress might just pass it this year.  “Do you think that will hurt San Francisco cannabis tourism?”, people often ask me.


Absolutely not.


Why Not?  For one thing, wine is legal, and many states have wine growing regions, but still tourists travel to San Francisco from every other state and every other country in the world to take tours from San Francisco up to Sonoma and Napa counties to go wine tasting.


But more than that, San Francisco is simply at the center of the cannaverse.


You may think of a lot of different places when you think about marijuana or weed tourism.  You may think about Mexico, or Hawaii, or Jamaica, and all of those places have their place in cannabis cultivation, culture, and history, but it’s San Francisco that has been the focal point of most of modern marijuana history.

girl on a cannasseur 420 tour of the emerald triangle poses with the weed

when it comes to tours SF is the gateway to the Emerald Triangle pot farms in California

As tour guides it’s been our business to know the history of San Francisco since long before we ever had a cannabis tour company.  Long before the advent of San Francisco cannabis tours, we’ve conducted all kinds of tours of San Francisco and the surrounding region.  We can tell you the history of The Golden Gate Bridge, or the gold rush, or Coit Tower, or Fisherman’s Wharf, or Muir Woods, or you name it.  Besides hospitality, tourism is all about the stories, and so much of the story of cannabis is centered around San Francisco.


William Randolph Hearst, whose yellow journalism was responsible for creating the negative propaganda around marijuana got his start in San Francisco.  The very first paper he owned was the San Francisco Examiner.


After President Nixon started the DEA, and cracked down on weed, it was the hippies of the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco that fled north to The Emerald Triangle in the back to the land movement, and started the now legendary pot farms where we bring tourists to meet  their descendants who simply grow the best weed in the world.


During the AIDS crisis in the 80’s, it was San Francisco hero Dennis Peron who started the nation’s first cannabis dispensary in the Castro district when it was still completely against the law, beginning the compassionate use movement that led to legalization in so many states.

Dennis Peron standing in the Cannabis Buyers Club

Long before there were weed tours SF was home to the very first cannabis dispensary – Dennis Peron’s Cannabis Buyers Club

I’m looking forward to the day when cannabis is legal everywhere, but even then, tourists will still come to San Francisco to visit cannabis country the same way they travel here now to visit wine country.  As more people start legally growing their own weed in their own states and countries, they will still be visiting San Francisco to take day trips up to Mendo to visit the cannabis farms, smoke their legendary weed, and learn from the professional cannabis growers who have generations of family knowledge to share.


The world is changing quickly, and cannabis is becoming more acceptable and less stigmatized all around the country and the world.  The story of cannabis is ever evolving.


But San Francisco will always be at the center of it.


And we’ll be here to share it with you.

Weed Tour guides enjoying The Emerald Triangle

Whether you like the tours Sf offers, or you want to tour pot farms in California’s Emerald triangle, we’ll be here to give you the ultimate 420 tour