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420 ROAD TRIP : Drive up to Northern California for a unique 420 tour cannasseur experience!

cannasseurs explore cannabis farm

Spend 4/20 on a 420 tour of pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle!

The Mendocino Experience Cannabis Tour Company officially reopens for business this year on 4/20/2021


Can you imagine a better way to celebrate 4/20 than to visit a fully-legal Cannabis Farm and smoke out in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle in Ukiah’s premiere Outdoor Dispensary Lounge Party on the pot smokers’ High Holy Holiday?

Couple at a dab bar

Guests enjoy the $5 dab bar in the outdoor lounge at Kure Wellness Center in Ukiah

If you’ve been chomping at the bit to get out into the world again to experience a real ALL OUTDOOR Cannabis Adventure, 4/20 seems like the perfect day to venture out into the sunshine!


Take the opportunity to do something you’ve never done and visit a working Cannabis Farm! Follow your guide on a self-driven adventure through beautiful Mendocino County! Visit a working cannabis farm and wander among our vegging cannabis plants! Learn about outdoor growing, greenhouse growing, light deprivation growing, and commercial nursery propagation including modern models of legal compliance and distribution in California’s emerging recreational market. Ask questions, take photos, and prepare to be amazed by the sheer scale of our partner farm.

girl poses for pic in front of rows of cannabis plants

Guests get vacation pics on the cannabis farm

Meet up with us in Hopland, CA just 1.5 hr drive North of San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge on Highway 101.  Getting there couldn’t be easier.  Just drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, keep going until Highway 101 becomes a 35 MPH street through the center of Hopland, and you’re there!  It’s a beautiful drive through wine country into cannabis country.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Just drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and you’re on the road to cannabis country

If you want to come along, just sign up for our tour that day on 4/20 and we will guide you on an unforgettable adventure. Take Instagram pics that will make all your friends jealous. Let’s spend 4/20 together enjoying all the best that California Cannabis country has to offer!


Emerald City Genetics cannabis tastings PLUS an outdoor lounge and 4/20 Party (with a food truck onsite) to follow at our partner dispensary outdoor lounge.

people between the plants

Guests pose in the greenhouse

Book your Guided 420 Cannabis Farm Tour and Outdoor Dispensary Lounge Afterparty in the Emerald Triangle today!