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Top 10 reasons The Emerald Triangle should be the first place you visit this year


Woman posing in front of budding cannabis plants on one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of The Emerald Triangle on your own terms



You can smell it in the air!  Millions of people with saved up vacation time and unspent accumulated funds from the last year are eagerly clamoring to get out and travel again! But where to go?  You love San Francisco, but you’ve already been to Coit Tower, Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, The Ferry Building, Chinatown, and the Haight Ashbury.  You’ve already taken side excursions to Sausalito, Muir Woods, and Sonoma and Napa wine country.  Is there anything new in this lovely part of the world?  Yes there is, and it may be the most amazing part of Northern California of all!


Here are 10 reasons why Northern California Cannabis country should be at the top of your list.


  • It’s the hot new California tour
Red Mendo cannasseur collectable lighter

The Emerald Triangle is the hot new tour in Northern California

California has always been a hot spot for tourists and travelers from all over the world.  From our giant redwood groves to our beautiful coastline to our unique wine country, California has always been a hot travel destination.  Now, once again, California is offering a unique experience you just can’t find anywhere else – our legendary cannabis country – rich with natural beauty, a fascinating history, and the finest quality agricultural products in the world.


  • Weed Country is Wine Country
Sunset over vineyards

The same terroir that grows the best cannabis also grows the best wine

Speaking of agricultural products, wine lovers from around the world have come to Northern California to taste the amazing wines produced in the rich terroir of our world famous wine country, but did you know the reason our cannabis is even more legendary than our wines is that very same amazing terroir?   Mendocino County borders Sonoma County to the north, and shares the same volcanic soil and climatic conditions that make California wine so delicious.  In fact, Mendocino County boasts many award winning estate wineries, and many epicureans enjoy going wine and weed tasting together on the same tour!


  • The Real Giant Redwoods
Giant redwood grove

Forest bathe with the tallest trees in the world elevated in cannabis country

Muir Woods is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern California, and what’s not to love?  Walking through the giant redwoods is a transformative experience.  They’re one of the natural wonders of the world that you don’t want to miss!  You get a deep understanding of what Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing is all about.  Walking among these trees – tall as a football field, growing here for thousands of years gives you a perspective on how small and temporary all our cares are.  But if you want to get the ultimate forest bathing experience, you can’t do better than the giant redwood groves of cannabis country.  Up here you can get up close and personal with the giant redwoods instead of being relegated to elevated walkways, and up here you can commune with the forest while enjoying the best cannabis on the planet.  Unlike Muir Woods, which is a national monument, and subject to federal law, our redwood groves are under California jurisdiction, and you’re welcome to be high here.


  • The best Weed on the planet
close up of hands trimming cannabis flowers

We grow the best weed on the planet in The Emerald Triangle

Cannabis country gets its name for good reason.  In this unique terroir we grow the finest cannabis on the planet!  People come from the world around to sample our amazing marijuana.  Not only are the conditions excellent for growing cannabis, but we also have the most brilliant cannabis growing experts with literally generations of inborn knowledge.  Only here in Northern California cannabis country do we have this deep cannabis growing culture passed down from parent to child for multiple generations.  The combination of those two factors make our weed second to none!


  • The beautiful Northern California Coast
a body of water next to the ocean

The stunningly beautiful Northern California coast

If you find yourself elevated on the finest weed on the planet, don’t miss the stunning Northern California coastline.  Stay at beautiful cannabis friendly beachside accommodations, stock up on Mendo’s best at one of the local dispensaries, and learn the true meaning of chill as you feel the warm California sun and the cool ocean breeze on your skin, the smell of the salt air, and hear the calming sounds of the ocean waves as you relax like you’ve never relaxed before.


  • The Great American Road Trip


More and more people have been driven to the open road where you can explore the country in your own car at your own pace, and there’s no better place to explore the highways and scenic winding country roads than cannabis country.   Whether you explore the lovely Anderson Valley, or drive along the coast on the Pan American Highway, it’s a chill way to enjoy the most mellow part of the country.


  • The NorCal Vibe
woman smoking a joint looking out over the landscape

Getting mellow in the mellowest place

Mellow is what cannabis country is all about!  As you meet the friendly folks who live and work in this beautiful region, you can’t help but feel the chill, laid back vibe that permeates cannabis country culture, and fall in love with the ambiance of this incredible place. Is everyone high?  Maybe, but they’re certainly all warm and inviting.


  • The best prices


If you need a little assistance getting your mellow on, you couldn’t pick a better place!  Not only do we grow the best grass in the world, but because you’ve come right to the source, you get to enjoy the best without breaking the bank.  The bountiful cannabis dispensaries carry the best sungrown cannabis from legendary boutique growers probably for much less than you’re used to paying for pot at home!


  • Convenient to San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge through the redwoods

It’s easy to get from San Francisco to cannabis country

Even though cannabis country feels a million miles away from the rest of the world, it’s actually incredibly easy to get to from San Francisco.  Just drive across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge through Marin and Sonoma counties, and you’re there without making a single turn!  You can tell you’re nearly there when the scenery gets unbelievably beautiful.


  • Bragging rights
Woman taking selfie in front of rows of cannabis plants

Get the best selfies of your life

And of course when your friends see your beautiful vacation pics and posts they will all be jealous.  After all, you just visited The Emerald Triangle – a paradise full of incredible natural beauty, legendary cannabis farms, warm people, and, of course, the finest smoke on the planet!