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Look for our van in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf!

Hand painted weed tour ticket sales van

Look for our weed tour ticket sales van in Fisherman’s Wharf.

Before starting our own cannabis farm tour company, hosting weed tours to The Emerald Triangle from San Francisco, we’d been working in San Francisco Bay area tourism for years, starting on the double decker buses conducting San Francisco city tours, and eventually working as driver/guides for companies hosting wine tours and wine tastings at wineries in the Sonoma and Napa Valleys.  Because of that, we have a lot of relationships we’ve built in the San Francisco tourism community for a very long time, but, unfortunately, because cannabis is still federally illegal, nobody that works for a national company will touch anything remotely cannabis related.  This includes all the ticket selling booths in Fisherman’s Wharf, and all the major hotel chains and their concierges.

Artist picking out paint colors

Rosie picks out her paints.

What to do when you have the best 420 tour of pot farms in California, and nobody in the Wharf can sell tickets to the eager cannasseurs who want to visit Mendocino farms, meet weed farmers, and are looking for weed tours among the tours SF has to offer?  

Man spraying primer on a van

Priming the van.

We had to do what we’ve become very experienced at since we founded the tour company in 2018 – come up with a clever workaround.

Woman painting a van

Rosie begins sketching out her design.

From our days working the double decker buses, we remembered that one bus in the fleet was always assigned to be a sales bus, so we designed our own.

Girl painting an art van

Then she started painting it in.

We hired a friend and amazing artist we know, Rosie Steffy, to hand paint our original tour van to grab attention in Fisherman’s Wharf, and to sell tickets out of.  See a video montage of the vehicle painting HERE.

Art van

She did a phenomenal job!

After sanding and priming the van ourselves, we went with Rosie to buy all the painting supplies she needed, and she got to work, first sketching her design on the van, and then painting it in.  So far the van has turned a lot of heads wherever we’ve brought it.

Tour guides flanking weed tour art car

Keep an eye out for our 420 tour ticket sales van in San Francisco.

So, if you want to go on one of our tours, either go directly to our website, or look for our van in Fisherman’s Wharf come spring!

Artist's signature on art car

Thanks to Rosie Steffy for an incredible job!