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How far is Mendocino from San Francisco?


Couple relaxing by a willow pond on a cannabis tour

Phenomenally beautiful Mendocino County is just 95 miles from San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, straight up Highway 101


Mendocino is much closer than you think.  From the Golden Gate Bridge to Hopland, California, it’s about a 95 Mile drive straight up California Highway 101.


Many San Francisco Bay Area residents think nothing about driving up again and again to go wine tasting in Sonoma and Napa Counties and the Carneros region between them, traditionally referred to as Northern California’s wine country, but most people don’t realize that phenomenally beautiful Mendocino County is nearly as close as Sonoma & Napa.  It takes no longer to get there from the San Francisco Bay Area than it does to get to northern Napa county..  Mendocino County shares a border with Sonoma County, and also boasts award winning wineries.  The grapes don’t even know there’s a border between them.

a close up of grape vines in Mendocino County

The grapes don’t even know there’s a border separating Mendocino County from Sonoma County


Anderson Valley, on the way out to the unbelievably breathtaking Mendocino Coast, is famous for its Pinot Noir.  If you haven’t been there yet, you should know that the beauty of Mendocino County is absolutely unsurpassed.  Besides all of its rolling hills covered with vineyards, Mendocino County also has stunning primordial giant redwood forests, and a coastline that is to die for.

a purple flower on a beach along the Mendocino coast

Mendocino has a stunningly beautiful coastline


If you haven’t explored Mendocino wine country yet, it’s an absolute must for Bay Area travelers who want to explore a new Northern California wine experience close to home.  


As well as its incredible beauty and brilliant terroir for growing wine grapes, Mendocino has everything a San Francisco-visiting vacationer, or a Bay Area day tripper or weekender could want – great hotels, excellent restaurants, and practically any activity you could imagine.  We covered what there is to do in Mendocino in our previous blog.

a group of people riding horses on a beach along the Mendocino coast

Mendocino offers practically every kind of activity you can imagine


Lastly, Mendocino County, being the southernmost county within The Emerald Triangle, also has one kind of activity that Sonoma and Napa Counties simply don’t offer, and I’m not talking about the world famous Skunk Train – I’m talking about the ability to visit legal, working cannabis farms.  While Sonoma & Napa Counties have shunned this new branch of Northern California agritourism, Mendocino County has embraced 420 tours, setting up guidelines for cannabis tour companies offering tours of pot farms in California, and creating a new travel opportunity for every would-be canna-tourist from the experienced cannasseur to the simply culturally curious traveler who doesn’t use cannabis at all, but wants an intimate look into this unique part of Northern California culture.

a Gray Line tour bus parked on the side of a road in a Mendocino vineyard

You can drive to Mendocino, or take a bus weed and wine tasting from San Francisco that gets you back in time for dinner


In Mendocino County, you can even combine weed & wine tasting on a single tour, whether you prefer driving the countryside yourself, or if you want to leave the car at home, and take a guided tour on a bus from San Francisco that leaves in the morning, and gets you back into San francisco in time for dinner, the weed tour has become an integral part of Northern California tourism.


If you’re looking for someplace to go on a day trip or weekend getaway close to the San Francisco Bay area, you simply can’t do better than a visit to Mendocino County.