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Meet the boutique growers of The Emerald Triangle – Martyjuana

man gesturing at marijuana plants at one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Mart Clein of Martyjuana Farms, one of the boutique pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle that every cannasseur should have on their radar

As important as the terroir is to The Emerald Triangle, the reason weed farmers from around the world are flocking to California’s renowned pot growing region is to meet and learn from the knowledgeable cannasseur growers who live there.  We’ve been amazed at how many growers come on our 420 tours each year. So for those of you who haven’t been able to book a weed tour with us yet, we will be introducing them to you in our marijuanna blog. It’s fitting our first interview should be with Marty Clein of  Martyjuana Farms, an amazing organic biodynamic weed farmer, and an amazing human being, who really embodies what Mendo is all about.



How did you get started growing weed, and long have you been a weed farmer?

I have been consuming cannabis since I was around 11 or 12 years old.  I remember my hippie Aunts smoking something that looked like a cigarette, but smelled very different.  I was always curious about cannabis, and when I first smoked it, I realized it helped me relax and gave me great clarity.  I was able to excel at school and did really well in sports and extracurricular activities. Overall cannabis use for me was for maintaining FOCUS.  After awhile, it became easier for me to buy more than I needed, and sell to my friends. That made my personal consumption mostly free. In school I was selling blow pops and candy already, so I just added a new product line.  I know it was illegal, but I did not mind or fear having my gym bag full of food and weed. After 3 years of selling in school, I finally was turned in by someone, an ex-girlfriend or a rival dealer, not really sure. It happened during Wrestling practice my 9th grade year of school, the cops came in with the school asst principal, and escorted me to my gym locker and they found my gym bag.  I was promptly kicked out of Miami Dade County School, and had to go to a drug rehab called, Here’s Help. It took me till the end of Summer that year, a week before my 10th grade, first year of High School started, to graduate from Here’s Help, and be reinstated into Miami Dade County Schools. I continued to excel in High School in academics and sports. My senior year, I decided to run for student government President, and I asked my identical twin brother to be my Vice President.  We actually won and helped our school in many ways. Meanwhile, I continued to be involved with cannabis my whole time in High school. I stopped selling, but if there was a party to go to, I would show up, and make it a Marty Party. People knew me as someone that would always have weed, not in school anymore, but after Football games and Wrestling matches, and any school events, I was always ready to smoke a joint.

I was never a grower back then.  I was just buying anything I could get a hold of, Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian, Jamaican, and every once in a while I would get a bag of Nor Cal’s finest, Emerald Triangle’s beautiful flowers, NO SEEDS, super stinky and chunky buds.  I was always blown away at the quality. As I got older, and continued to be around cannabis, I got back into selling. I was extra careful, now that I was of adult age, and the consequences were harsher. A lot of my close friends and family knew I was a good connection.  So, to fast forward a decade, I got a call from an old friend that just got back in town to Miami. She was dealing with physical and mental issues, and asked to score some KIND BUD. She was trying to get off pharmaceuticals. We were childhood friends, and have known each other for most of our lives, and the rest is history now.  We have been married for over 15 years. We decided in the early 2000s to move to California and be a part of the medical cannabis industry. We wanted to be Patients helping Patients. When we came to California, it was the ONLY state that allowed medical cannabis. I started growing immediately. We were lucky enough to move to Sonoma Valley and live on a 37 acre family farm.  They allowed us to grow on the top of their 3 car garage. It was the outside deck for the apartment we rented for our first 8 or 9 years in Cali. So, I have been growing cannabis for over 15 years. However, I did have some history of landscaping and gardening, but NOTHING was like growing cannabis for ourselves.

We tried to buy a home in Sonoma and just could not afford the prices, without any real verifiable income, since it was mainly from cannabis.  So, we explored Mendocino and Humboldt Counties . We found our first home in Mendocino County, a cute little town called Willits. Then we were able to buy a Farm in Covelo before Prop 64 went into effect.  We are now Seasonal Farmers, we plant our seeds in Spring and harvest our flowers in Fall. Mendocino County offers an amazing climate for Sungrown flowers. It is the Champagne region for high grade flowers.  Hot dry Summer days, and cool nights, help the plants reach their full potential. We use only organic amendments, and work with the seasons rhythmic cycles. We also use biodynamic philosophies and have an amazing Integrated Pest management program, which allows us to not have to spray our plants with any pesticides.


What do you most love about cannabis?

What I love about cannabis is how it makes my Wife feel.  She is still patient NUMBER ONE to me.


What do you love about being a weed farmer?

What I love about being a farmer is being able to provide CLEAN cannabis to her and also the new regulated market place means a lot to me too.  Especially in a market place that is dominated by the large mega grows that focus on quantity, not so much on the quality.


Why is Mendocino grown cannabis special?

You can NOT reproduce the Sun and Moon indoors.  The appellations around Mendocino County are world renowned for their Flowers.


What makes Martyjuana brand cannabis stand out?

I go out of my way to focus on HIGH QUALITY flowers.  We have an extensive amount of swag we provide to our Distributors and Retailers.  Some of the items include matches, lighters, rolling trays, rolling papers, all kinds of stickers, hats, bar bq aprons, and a variety of t-shirts.


I noticed some of your brand artwork is reminiscent of The Grateful Dead.  Can you elaborate on your brand design and how you chose it?

We have also worked with a few different artists to create unique original artwork for our Martyjuana Farms brand.  One of the artists is Pat Ryan, The Godfather of Pot. He did some amazing artwork for us, which we were able to make t-shirts and stickers for.  Also, we were lucky enough to work with Antonio Reonegro. He is famous for doing backstage passes and t-shirts for The Grateful Dead. One of his backstage pass puzzles, called the Circus Train, is actually in the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame.  You had to go to all 20 shows, to get each backstage pass. When you had them, you could make the large puzzles. The Circus Train is his claim to fame. On a side note, we have been selling on eBay for almost 20 years, and we specialize in Music Memorabilia.  That is how we met and began our relationship with Reonegro, as he is known.

Martyjuana cannasseur art

The Grateful Dead, cannasseurs, and weed farmers from pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle all go together beautifully


What’s your favorite strain that you grew this past year and why?

Strawberry Space Zkittles, it is a well balanced Indica dominant hybrid, fruity flavor with nice body effects.


 What is your personal favorite weed strain of all time?

Favorite cultivars of all time…

I have a few,

Supreme is Super Skunk crossed with Northern Lights.

Church is Bubba Kush crossed with OG Kush

And Grateful Hazel is Grapefruit crossed with Silver Haze


What advice do you have for weed farmers who want to learn more?

We are proud to be a part of the budding Cannabis Industry.  It is a hard road, and we are being treated unfairly by County and State regulatory agencies.  But, we work with a team of lawyers and consultants that help us navigate the current market place.  This is NOT what we thought we would be doing, if you asked us 5 years ago, or 10 years ago. We have made a conscious decision to try and raise the consciousness of the Planet, and help Cannabis be more normalized.


What do you have to say to people who think cannabis is scary?

For those that are scared of cannabis, you should do some research on your personal cannabinoid system.  It is in your body, regardless of whether you believe it or not. Your body needs cannabis to work at its full POTential.  You do not have to smoke it, there are plenty of new ways to use cannabis, orally, topically, and even intimately. There is tons of new research on the benefits of cannabis.


Where can people buy Martyjuana brand cannabis?

Our Martyjuana Brand is available in San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, and the San Jose areas. If you do not find Martyjuana Farms brand at your local dispensary ask for us by name and please contact us at or call us at (707) 354-3732, and visit our website for more information


Anything else you’d like to add? 

“The more man smokes herb, the more Babylon falls!”  Bob Marley

If you do not find Martyjuana Farms brand at your local dispensary ask for us by name and please contact us at or call us at (707) 354-3732, and visit our website for more information

We are REAL small farmers and need YOU to ask for Mendocino Sungrown flowers in general and Martyjuana Farms specifically.


Thanks for your support, PEACE, Marty

Martyjuana's logo - a cannasseur's favorite

Cannasseurs and the boutique weed farmers of the pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle all love Martyjuana Farms