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Meet the Boutique Growers of The Emerald Triangle – Jerry Munn of First Cut Farms

Jerry Munn, weed farmer and cannasseur

Jerry Munn, cannasseur, weed farmer, and founder of First Cut Farms – one of the best pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle – Photo by Marnie Birger

One of the privileges of being a weed tour guide is meeting people who changed history.

Jerry Munn isn’t just a cannasseur.  He’s not just one of the brilliant boutique cannabis farmers on one of the best Mendocino farms in The Emerald Triangle.. He was also one of the courageous outlaws who risked his freedom to bring medicine to those who vitally needed it when imbibing cannabis was still illegal in all 50 states.

How did you get started growing weed, and how long have you been growing?

I’ve been growing for over 30 years. I started some bag seeds in the 1980s. It was nearly impossible to get cannabis then. It was dangerous, too. I grew cannabis out of necessity to provide myself with quality medicine.


You started the very first Cannabis Buyers Club with Dennis Peron.  Tell us about that experience – about being outlaws fighting to help sick people.

It was an underground patient’s resource network in the Castro District in San Francisco. Everybody who was involved risked their freedom to provide cannabis to patients, mostly AIDS patients. We supplied very sick people. This was a lifeline for the patients. It was amazing to see how the cannabis provided relief to so many in need. It was a healing atmosphere with high vibrations and with no judgments, no prejudice. It was difficult and heartbreaking to witness the passing of many friends and it had a huge impact on my life. Dennis taught me to treat everybody with respect and show compassion by helping people in need.

Dennis Peron standing in his Cannabis Buyers Club, the first SF dispensary.

Dennis Peron in his SF dispensary, The Cannabis Buyers club – the first dispensary in San Francisco, and in America, for that matter.

What do you love most about cannabis?

I love the therapeutic, healing properties of cannabis and how it brings people together, unifies us, and builds friendships.



Dennis Peron & Jerry Munn on Jerry's farm, one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Dennis Peron & Jerry Munn at Jerry’s First Cut Farms – one of the boutique pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle – Photo by Marnie Birger

What do you love about being a farmer?


I became a farmer when I moved to Covelo in 2009. I graduated from a grower to a farmer. I love growing cannabis. I’m good at it. I love providing people with the sacred medicine. I enjoy being in the elements and the strategy of planning each season.


What’s special about growing cannabis as opposed to growing other plants?

It’s similar, but different. It’s a natural medicine. I enjoy growing all sorts of plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables here at First Cut Farms, but mostly I concentrate on the cannabis. It’s special because of the time and the care it takes to produce a crop.

cannasseur Jerry Munn watering his boutique cannabis

Jerry watering the plants at First Cut Farms, one of the best pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle – Photo by Marnie Birger


What makes Mendocino Sungrown cannabis special?

The Appellation of Covelo is a perfect micro climate to grow cannabis. The clean water and hot, dry summers allow plants to reach their full potential. Under the Mendocino sunshine, the cannabinoids and terpenes fully develop resulting in the world’s best cannabis flowers.


What sets First Cut Farms apart?

First Cut Farms creates its own cannabis strains. High yielding cannabis plants with large buds are legendary. I create strains including Lime Volt, Road Trip and Blue Sky with unique terpene profiles. Some of the notes are citrus, gas, and sweet fruit.


What original strains have you developed?

Covelo OG, Purple Unicorn Poop, Jerry Kush, Lime Kush, Time Traveler, the Dennis Peron, and Mendo Dream are some of the strains I’ve developed.


Do you have any advice for someone just getting into growing cannabis?

It’s a learning experience. I never stop learning. Everyone’s growing environment is different: Outdoor, Indoor, greenhouse, hydroponic…There are many different approaches to accomplish the same goal. Use high-quality inputs. Keep things clean and simplify processes. Keep it simple. Stay encouraged, don’t get discouraged.

When you develop a new strain, what are you trying to achieve?  Do you develop different strains for medical and recreational use?

All cannabis is medicinal. I’m developing growth traits and flavors. I want to make sure the flower quality is high. The goal is dense, sticky, stinky, beautiful flowers.


Where can people buy First Cut Farms cannabis?

You can find First Cut Farms at Organicann in Santa Rosa, Mendocann in Hopland, Oakland Organics in Oakland, Kure Wellness in Ukiah, and Kure Wellness in Willits. Some of our strains are listed on under the brand First Cut Farms.


What’s your favorite strain of all time, and why?

Roadtrip for the medicinal effects and flavor. It’s OG Cookie gassy deliciousness.

What do you have to say to people who think cannabis is scary?

It’s a safe plant medicine used for 1000s of years. Start with a small amount.

Jerry Munn sitting next to a giant pot plant and a cat and a dog at First Cut Farms - one of the best Mendocino Farms

Jerry with 3 pets at one of the best Mendocino farms – First Cut Farms – Photo by Marnie Birger

Anything else you’d like to add?

Follow us @firstcutfarms on Instagram. The pictures are a look into a day in the life of a small grower. We have no investors, and no corporate influence. Thank you for supporting a craft cannabis grower. We appreciate you.

Logo of First Cut farms - one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

The logo of First Cut Farms – one of the best pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle