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A New Cannasseur Tradition: 21st Birthday Pub Crawls Are So 20th Century

cannasseurs posing in a greenhouse on a weed tour

Cannasseurs are starting a new 21st birthday tradition. Weed tours are replacing pub crawls

For years it’s been a rite of passage, the 21st birthday bar hop – you and your friends traveling from bar to pub, celebrating your new found accessibility to legally consume alcohol for the first time.


a young woman on a 420 tour with racks of cannabis clones

A weed tour is the best new way to celebrate your coming of age on your 21st birthday

But that is so 20th century.  Now, in the 21st century, turning 21 means you can legally smoke weed!  Pub crawls are getting replaced with bud crawls, where people visit cannabis dispensaries and farms instead of pubs and breweries.  All the cool kids are doing it!

Our first inkling of this new trend on our cannabis tours was when a girl’s parents brought her on our Wine & Weed Tour on her 21st birthday so she could enjoy both worlds that were newly open to her, (she preferred the weed).


And why not?  Your parents and their parents went to bars on their 21st birthday.  In this new era we’re exploring new territory.  New generations can do so much more than their parents could.

two women on a weed tour in a pot farm in the emerald triangle

Mom and daughter explore pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle

Cannabis tourism is growing by leaps and bounds across the board.  Everyone from Gen Zers to Boomers are going on marijuana tours, and exploring California cannabis country, but this new right of passage is something only those coming of age now get to enjoy.  It is thoroughly their own.


There are advantages to going on a pot tour instead of a pub crawl for your 21st birthday.  You don’t have to suffer a hangover the next day, and instead of a bouncer checking your I.D. dispensaries have to scan your driver’s license, and when the budtender scans your I.D. the scanner plays happy birthday to you!  This is true on every birthday, not just your 21st, (I found this out conducting a weed tour on my birthday).  It’s a particularly fun surprise.  There’s just no comparison between going to some local bars and heading up to The Emerald Triangle for a truly unique birthday experience.

cannasseurs on a 420 tour bus

Fun times on a cannasseur 420 tour

And there’s no party like a Mendocino party!


So if you want your 21st to be super memorable, come on out on a cannabis tour!  It’s the 21st century way to celebrate this important rite of passage.  Replace the beer bongs with real bongs, the shots with dabs, and the beers with joints!  Celebrate with your friends on a truly unique adventure into the new world of recreational weed!

girl smelling cannabis flowers

Pot farms in California offer a unique 21st birthday cannasseur experience