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Why do the pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle grow the best weed?

Cannabis plants on one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Why is the weed so good from pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle?

Every cannasseur has heard of it – The Emerald Triangle – that almost mythical part of Northern California where legendary weed farmers have been growing the best cannabis for generations.


But why is the weed from pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle so special?  Why does everyone from legal dispensaries in San Francisco to black market dealers across the country clamor to buy the marijuana grown in this region?


People who go on our weed tours learn what makes this region so special when they visit.  It’s not just one thing.  After all, weed grows anywhere, and indoor grows have been a staple of cannabis cultivation for over half a century.  

Guests on a weed tour in a clone room

Cannasseurs on our weed tour learning the secrets of The Emerald Triangle

Several factors conspire to make Emerald Triangle cannabis the most sought after in the world for imbibing.


Terroir:  Terroir is that special combination of climate and soil.  Those who’ve been wine tasting in San Francisco or to the wineries near San Francisco are probably familiar with this term.  Terroir refers to the unique combination of climate and soil that makes a region like Bordeaux or Napa distinctive.  Let’s break that down for The Emerald Triangle.


Climate:  Northern California has a Mediterranian climate.  We have a rainy season that runs from the end of October till March with the rest of the year remaining dry.  Cannabis loves the heat of summer, but does not generally react very well to its leaves getting wet.  It is susceptible to many kinds of mold and fungus.  The natural growth cycle of cannabis runs from planting in May to harvest in early October.  In our Mediterranean climate the plants rarely, if ever, get rained on during their lives.

Cannasseurs on one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle among the colas

Many factors contribute to why the best weed in the world comes from The Emerald Triangle

Soil:  Northern California is part of the ring of fire, and has a rich, loamy, volcanic soil that is ideal for growing all kinds of plants.  This not only is known by the weed farmers on the pot farms of California’s Emerald Triangle, but also by the winegrowers of the Napa, Sonoma, and Carneros regions that wine tours from San Francisco visit, and to the best restaurateurs and chefs in the region.  One of California’s only Michelin star restaurants, The French Laundry, resides in The Napa Valley, and one of the reasons their food is of the best quality is that the chef grows his own produce in the soil just outside the restaurant.  A chef, it is said, is only as good as his ingredients, and the volcanic soils of Northern California grow the best. 


Braintrust:  As important as all the other factors are, probably the greatest reason both weed farmers and cannasseurs from every corner of the globe come on our 420 tours is the amazing braintrust that exists in The Emerald Triangle.  Weed farmers have been growing in this region for multiple generations, and knowledge has been passed down from father to daughter and from mother to son.  A couple of years back we were attending a harvest party hosted by Emerald City Genetics.  Many of the top weed farmers from the best Mendocino farms were attending, including Martyjuana Farms, First Cut Farms, and many others.  Everyone was sharing their latest harvest, and the weed was amazing!  When Jesse Robertson of Sticky Fields busted out his herb, everyone – even the other boutique growers – was highly impressed.  When we all praised his results, his humble response was, “Yeah yeah.  My grandmomma grew better weed than me”.  That, in a nutshell, explains why so many weed farmers come on our weed tours – to learn from the best who have this knowledge deep in their DNA.

3 cannassuers posing with a nug of weed

Emerald City Genetics’ Master Grower Nepat (L), Jesse, master grower of Sticky Fields (C), and a very happy tourist standing next to greatness (R)

If you want to see some of the most amazing weed in the world, and learn from the most knowledgeable growers on the planet, Book a weed tour with us today to see for yourself why the pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle grow the best weed anywhere!