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California Cannabis Equity Grant Participants Tour The Emerald Triangle

Cannasseur Equity Program participants explore one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

California Equity Grant participants explore one of the pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle

Success leaves footprints, and the Emerald Triangle is where the footprints of cannabis industry success run deepest. Years of clandestine growing in this hidden corner of California have been the catalyst to the accumulation of years of mastery, knowledge and expertise in the realm of cannabis cultivation and genetics.


Recently, Mendocino Experience, hosted San Francisco based ‘Future Cannabis Entrepreneurs’ funded by resources provided by California State Assembly Bill 97, which, among other things, established the California Cannabis Equity Grants Program to provide licensing, guidance and funding to reduce barriers into the legal regulated cannabis industry by those communities harmed by the war on drugs.

California Equity Grant participants enter a greenhouse on a weed tour

California Equity Grant participants enter a greenhouse in The Emerald Triangle for the first time

Because of this innovative state program, equity grant recipients are now able to participate in state funded educational cannabis facility tours of pot farms in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, learning from the pros running successful cannabis farms in California’s cannabis country.  Recent equity grant guests, several future cannabis entrepreneurs who wanted to be growers, some who wanted to run dispensaries in San Francisco, and others who wanted to host cannabis events, were all able to take a Seed to Sale tour, to educate themselves about the cannabis industry, personally touring thriving commercial cannabis production and cannabis retail facilities.

Cannasseur California Equity Grant Participants in a cannabis greenhouse full of weed

Cannassuer entrepreneurs get up close and personal with cultivation methods on our 420 tour

Equity program participants are able to get an inside look into the working California cannabis industry by visiting all manner of infrastructure that has been created through CA marijuana legalization. Our cannabis farm tours provide more than just a chance to buy farm-direct cannabis close to the source, or for imbibing in one of the most beautiful agricultural landscapes on the planet.  

California Equity Grant participants gathering data in a greenhouse on one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

California Cannabis Equity Grant participants gathering data on the cannabis industry at one of the working Mendocino farms

Much more than just that, guests receive an educational, historical, and cultural context to this unjustly maligned and historically indispensable plant. Visitors on our farm tours learn everything, from the history of the legal journey of cannabis, the legacy and culture that surrounds this sacred herb, and of the regulations that provide for safe, legal, medicinal and adult-use cannabis in California’s highly-regulated framework.

It’s now easier than ever to plan a group tour and take a deep dive into California cannabis culture, history, and the budding new industries that are providing opportunities for entrepreneurs that have historically been disenfranchised by past draconian and racist laws. Get involved in promoting Social Equity through Cannabis by contacting your local California Cannabis Equity resource program.

Cannasseur California Equity Grant Participants walking through a greenhouse full of cannabis

After touring working cannabis farms in California’s Emerald Triangle, California Cannabis Equity Program recipients are better equipped to start their own legal California cannabis businesses