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Weed Tours to the Emerald Triangle Are Now Linked In

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Corporate cannasseurs and cannabis equity educational programs can now find us on LinkedIn

Mendocino Experience Cannabis Farm Tours has been bringing guests from all over the world to pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle, award winning Mendocino County estate wineries, Mendocino County’s best cannabis dispensaries, and to the ancient giant redwoods on our various tours for years.


And to let people know about our weed tours, we reach out to cannasseurs, travelers, tourists, and the canna-curious on our website and various social media outlets and web sites like Instagram, Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and Yelp, among others.


But our cannabis farm tours offer a lot more than just an entertaining vacation experience.  They’re educational and informative as well as a great deal of fun, and from our very first tour we’ve had cannabis professionals from around the world come to us to learn about this thriving new legal California industry from the professionals working in the Emerald Triangle.

a cannasseur inspects curing buds on a weed tour

On our very first tour in 2019 one of Canada’s weed farmers came to learn how the industry professionals do it in the Emerald Triangle

Recently we’ve developed a new industry facing private educational tour that is perfect for California Cannabis Equity educational programs and corporate team building outings, and we’ve opened an account on LinkedIn to reach out to businesses and educational programs.


In a state like California where the legitimacy of cannabis is pretty much universally accepted, more and more companies are looking into going on 420 tours for team building.  After all, what better way is there for your team to relax and bond than by enjoying a relaxed sesh, imbibing together on a chill day out amidst the beauty of California’s iconic cannabis country?

cannasseurs smoking weed under the redwoods

Relaxing on a tour of the Emerald Triangle is a great way for your team to bond

For those running cannabis educational programs, a trip to the agricultural center of California’s cannabis industry to visit working licensed Mendocino farms is an excellent way for students learning about how to run their own cannabis business to see firsthand the work that goes into  the businesses they want to launch, whether they want to be weed farmers, run dispensaries in San Francisco or other cities, or curate cannabis experiences and events – hands down the best way to learn is hands-on.

Cannabis equity students explore a cannabis greenhouse in the Emerald Triangle

California cannabis equity students get an up close hands-on experience of successful licensed Mendocino farms

So if your business could benefit from a unique day of team building and employee bonding, or if your cannabis education program would be enhanced by getting out of the classroom for a day learning from the successful cannabis businesses in the sunshine and fresh air of the Emerald Triangle, follow us on LinkedIn, and book a tour with us today.