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Tours of Mendocino Farms – the Hot New Thing in Agritourism

Cannasseur inspects pot plants on a pot farm

The hottest new thing in agritourism are trips to Mendocino Farms

Are you an agritourist?


Agritourism covers a wide range of rural adventures, from fruit picking in the spring and summer to enjoying hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches in the autumn.  These traditional excursions into America’s farmland fall into the category of agritourism – as do wine tours, but the core of agritourism is tourists going to farms and ranches to get a deeper understanding of how local agriculture works.


Agritourism has been gaining popularity in recent years, and has been a growing sector of the travel & tourism industries for several years now, but it has a brand new extremely popular draw that has both served as an introduction to agritourism for those not aware of it, and as an exciting new sector for long time fans of agritourism to explore – namely, cannabis farm tours.

One of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

If you love visiting farms to learn about agriculture, weed farmers have a lot to teach about agriculture and botany

Touring pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle provides a great look into the techniques and agri-science of one of the most researched plants in both farming and botany.  If you have an interest in agriculture, you can’t find better teachers than weed farmers.  Visiting Mendocino farms gives the agritourist new insights into farming through a plant that has been cultivated by mankind for thousands of years – from the time we first advanced from hunter gatherers to farmers, and there’s a deep multi-generational brain trust in cannabis country passed down from parents to their children, and then from those lifelong  bud farmers onto theirs.

a cannasseur checks out pot plants hanging to dry

The newest kind of agritourist is the cannasseur

For those who are trying to promote agritourism, like Visit California, 420 tours introduce a whole new demographic to the joys of agritourism – the cannasseur.  Cannasseurs and weed lovers are no longer satisfied with just imbibing in San Francisco dispensaries.  They’ve been to dispensaries in San Francisco.  They’re looking to go deeper.  They’re looking for an adventure.  Just as tourists went from wine tasting in San Francisco to seek out the wineries near San Francisco in Sonoma and Napa Counties, cannasseurs are seeking out unique experiences at the nearby pot farms of Mendocino County.

Weed tourists explore a greenhouse on a cannabis farm tour of Mendocino farms

Cannabis farm tours open up agritourism to a whole new demographic

So if you’re an avid agritourist looking for your next Northern California farm to explore, or a cannasseur looking for more than just the average dispensary tour, exploring pot farming in California might just be your next big adventure!  Book your farm tour with us, and let the exploration begin!  


Mature pot plants at one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Agritourists and cannasseurs – pot farms in California await on a 420 tour!