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Cannasseurs, Remember Medical Marijuana?

a an SF dispensary

As you imbibe for your pleasure, remember cannabis has always been an essential medicine for millions of people

As we give our 420 tours of pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle, hosting cannasseurs and travelers from all over the world, it’s easy to forget that cannabis is, and always has been, an important and vital medicine for millions of people.


Recreational, or adult use cannabis is all over the news these days as more and more states across our nation approve adult use cannabis, and dispensaries from coast to coast offer everything from flower to concentrates to edibles to drinkables for all adults over 21 years of age, and tourists can take weed tours of Mendocino farms.

cannasseurs taking pics of cannabis plants on one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Cannasseurs enjoying a cannabis farm tour

There’s absolutely no doubt cannabis is pleasurable.  No one can deny that many people enjoy the euphoria, social lubrication, and creative stimulation this plant provides.


But first and foremost, cannabis has always been a medicine.  It’s been in every pharmacopoeia ever since they’ve been published, from the Chinese Materia Medica, published around 5,000 years ago, to the Edinburgh New Dispensary in 1794, to The United States Pharmacopeia, where it was classified as a medicine, and prescribed for over 100 conditions from 1850 until 1942 when it was removed by Congress to the objections of the American Medical Association.

the cover of the United States Pharmacopoeia

Cannasseurs take note – cannabis was part of the United States Pharmacopoeia from 1850 to 1942

Modern medical studies have confirmed that cannabis helps a plethora of medical conditions, supporting its use for thousands of years around the globe for everything from Alzheimer’s, to depression, to fibromyalgia, to PTSD.


So, while we’re enjoying a toke at one of the best dispensaries in San Francisco, or spending a beautiful day on a cannabis farm tour visiting and learning cannabis cultivation from the best bud farmers in the world, let’s remember cannabis is also a life saving medicine, and give it the respect and deference that it’s due as we smoke our recreational bowl.

two cannasseurs imbibing at a cannabis dispensary

Remember when you’re imbibing all the people cannabis helps as a medicine