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Looking Forward to the Return of San Francisco Tourism

a plane flying in the sky

Looking forward to seeing cannasseurs from all over the world again next year.

Tourism was the first industry to be affected by Covid 19, and everyone knows it will be the last industry to recover.  I don’t have to tell you that it’s been a long – nearly two years now,  but there are signs to be optimistic about the return of San Francisco tourism in 2022.   Cruise ships are back in San Francisco as of a few weeks ago, and the U.S. is opening up travel in November for vaccinated Europeans, Mexicans, and Canadians!

 Cruise Ship passing under the Golden Gate Bridge

Cruise ships are back in San Francisco, and the U.S. has lifted travel restrictions from other countries.


For almost two years now on our all outdoor – Covid safe cannabis farm tours, we’ve seen Americans almost exclusively visiting the Mendocino farms on our 420 tours, and we absolutely love seeing our fellow Americans, but we miss everyone else from the rest of the world, too.  Before the pandemic, we hosted travelers from every continent on the planet, (save Africa and Antarctica) on our weed tours, and it looks like we may finally be seeing cannasseurs from the rest of the world on our famed tours of pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle once again come spring!

European cannasseurs on one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

We’re looking forward to hosting cannasseurs from around the world once again.

Picture yourself in San Francisco, imbibing at one of the many SF dispensaries. As you learn that weed tours from San Francisco are a day trip option for San Francisco tourists, just like wine tours of Napa and Sonoma Counties are, you think about how amazing it would be to meet a real Northern California weed farmer and see up close how the best weed in the world is grown.  You picture smelling those amazing buds growing on the farm, and you schedule a tour for the very next day.  The next morning you head across the Golden Gate bridge, driving through ever increasing natural beauty, to go on The Mendocino Experience Cannabis Farm Tour.  You get to explore all the best things stunningly beautiful Mendocino County has to offer.  You go weed tasting and wine tasting at Mendo’s award winning wineries, enjoy the best bud grown by farmers who have been mastering the growth of this plant on their family farms for generations.  And after visiting real Northern California pot farms, enjoying an amazing day in NorCal’s legendary cannabis country, you’re back in San Francisco in time for dinner! You have an incredible experience to share with all your friends when you get back home, along with some amazing pictures on your phone.  Can you see it?

A cannasseur smells a cannabis plant on one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Can you picture yourself smelling the flowers on one of the beautiful pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle?

That’s what we’re envisioning for 2022!  


Stay tuned for a very special 4/20 event we’re planning for next April!  See you soon!