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High Art – At the Intersection of Cannabis and Creativity

Natural Cannabis Company's High Art competition

High Art is an amazing competition held by The Natural Cannabis Company every year, and a way they give back to the arts community

We’ve been hosting our special 420 tours to pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle for every kind of traveler and tourist from every corner of the globe, from the simply idly curious tourists who don’t imbibe at all, but are just fascinated by visiting farms in California, to all kinds of cannasseurs, cronisseurs, ganjiers, amateur home growers and professional weed growers from practically everywhere for several years now, and we love introducing our guests to not only the incredible beauty of Mendocino County, but also the amazing generosity and community spirit of all the folks in the Northern California cannabis community.  Many of the companies in the cannabis space have found all sorts of interesting ways of giving back.  One of our favorites is The Natural Cannabis Company.

From Outer Emotions To Life by Usabimana Eustache

Last year’s winner – From Outer Emotions To Life by Usabimana Eustache

Before heading out to meet the weed farmers out on the Mendocino farms, all of our weed tours begin at MendoCann dispensary in Hopland, California, in southern Mendocino County at the southern entrance to California cannabis country.  MendoCann, one of 3 dispensaries under the ownership of the Natural Cannabis Company, (the other two are Oakland Organics in Oakland and OrganiCann in Santa Rosa) greets customers with amazing art on its walls, on clothing in their gift shop, on postcards and  stickers that they often give away, and in beautiful art compilation books.  The Natural Cannabis Company sponsors a worldwide annual cannabis art competition each year called High Art.  All artists (ages 18 and up) can enter the contest from anywhere in the world for free, submitting as many pieces as they want that fit the current year’s theme.  

 My Precious - art piece by Oleg Shvedchenko

My Precious – by Oleg Shvedchenko

It is truly an international competition. Last year the theme was “It came from outer space”, and the winning entry was a piece called From Outer Emotions To Life by Usabimana Eustache, an artist from Rwanda.  Over the years winners have come from all over the world.  You can check out many of the entries on the High Art Competition’s Instagram page, and you can learn a lot more about the various artists who have entered the competition in the past on the High Art blog.


It Came From Outer Space - art piece by Agne Mikalauskiene

It Came From Outer Space – by Agne Mikalauskiene

The top 20 artists win cash prizes.  This year, the prize for sixth through 20th place is $500. Fourth and fifth place win $1000.  Third place wins $2500.  Second place wins $5,000, and the first place winner wins $15,000 and another $10,000 donated to the charity of their choice. This year the theme is music.  They will be announcing their winners on 4/20, just in time for our special 4/20 weed and wine tasting tour.  Picture yourself there with us on the morning of 4/20 in the MendoCann dispensary with us surrounded by all this amazing art and amazing Mendocino herb, and being the first to know who the 2022 winner is.

Communication - Art piece by Jet Hsu

Communication – by Jet Hsu

Of all the tours SF has to offer on 4/20 or any other day, of all the farm tours Northern California has to offer, of all the agricultural tours in California, we think you’ll find ours the most unique, fascinating, and fulfilling in ways you haven’t even begun to imagine yet.

Space Oddities - art piece by Cecilia Granata

2021 2nd place winner – Space Oddities – by Cecilia Granata

See you there on 4/20!

Gift From Beyond - art piece by Jerryk Gutierrez

2021 4th place winner – Gift From Beyond – by Jerryk Gutierrez