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Profiles in Courage – The First International Tour Company Embraces Cannabis Tourism

Gray Line tour bus among vineyards in California cannabis country

Gray Line San Francisco is teaming with Mendocino Experience Cannabis Tours on farm and wine tours to the Emerald Triangle.


Cannasseurs, cronisseurs, and ganjiers rejoice!  We are proud to announce that Gray Line San Francisco and Mendocino Experience Cannabis Tours are teaming up to offer cannabis farm tours on day trips from San Francisco to The Emerald Triangle.  For our maiden event together, we’re launching a 25 guest bus event on a special weed and wine tasting tour of Northern California cannabis country on 4/20, and seats are booking now!


Long before we started our cannabis farm tour company offering tours of pot farms in California, we’d already been working in the San Francisco Bay Area tourism community for years.  We started back in the day on the double decker buses doing San Francisco tours.  Later we got commercial driver’s licenses, and started working for tour companies guiding Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley wine tours. 


As adult use cannabis was becoming legal in California, we realized that the Napa Valley wine tour model would work perfectly for Mendocino cannabis farm tourism, and be a natural addition to the tours SF had to offer.  The southern part of the Emerald Triangle is a simple day trip from San Francisco just like Sonoma and Napa are, and agricultural tours in California are already a highly popular tourism activity.  This seemed to be a no-brainer.


Tourists taking pics of weed on a California cannabis farm tour

Cannabis farm tours are a natural addition to the variety of tours SF has to offer


We’d assumed that our long standing relationships in the San Francisco tourism and hospitality community would make filling our weed and wine tours of Mendocino County easy.  The many hotel concierges we knew could let their guests know that weed tours of Mendocino farms were available.  Not only concierges, but also the many ticket selling booths in Fisherman’s Wharf could sell our 420 tour tickets as well.  There is a whole apparatus around SF tours that we’ve been plugged into for years.


What we didn’t realize was that, because cannabis is still federally illegal, and because these San Francisco hospitality and tour companies are all subsidiaries of national companies, cannabis tourism was the proverbial third rail for them, and, despite the fact that these hospitality professionals who we hosted on our early tours thought the tour experience we created was phenomenal, they couldn’t touch us.


San Francisco concierges on a weed tour, smelling buds in a drying room

San Francisco concierges enjoying one of our early 420 tours in 2018

Despite the fact that Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states, and despite the fact that tourism is legal in every state in the Union, national and international travel, tourism, and hospitality companies are running scared, and have been for years.


Tourist taking pics on a Northern California cannabis farm tour

With Gray Line entering the fray, cannabis tourism is going mainstream


It’s said that fortune favors the bold.  It’s inevitable that all the big tour companies will soon jump on this bandwagon, but Gray Line, being first, will dominate all the web searches for cannabis tourism in San Francisco with their head start, and all the others will wish they had been there first.


If you’re ready for a special 420 experience visiting farms in California, imbibing on Mendocino farms, meeting weed farmers, and getting a peek into Northern California cannabis culture on one of the best farm tours Northern California has to offer, we’ll see you on 4/20!


Weed tour guides in a cannabis filled greenhouse

We’ll see you on 4/20 for this history making weed tour