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Meet Our New Partner in Weed Tours, Tall Tree Society

Giant Redwood tree dwarfs house on weed farm

As you enter Tall Tree Society’s beautiful farm, you’re greeted by a funky hippie house dwarfed by an impressive giant redwood tree

As you drive on to Tall Tree’s farm, and head past bucolic vineyards up the dirt road past other Emerald Triangle hippie farms, over the livestock gate and up the rise, you get an immediate feeling of connection to the flower children pioneers of the back to the land movement.  You’re greeted by a funky artsy cedar shingled house with odd shaped windows that looks like it belongs to a hippie commune, dwarfed by an enormous giant redwood tree.  Behind the house you get an amazing view of Redwood Valley and the mountains that surround it, with the greenhouses where Tall Tree Society grows their incredible artisanal weed just down the hill.  Of all the Mendocino farms we’ve brought guests to on our cannabis farm tours, this is the most evocative of California’s rich cannabis culture and story.  

View of Redwood Valley and one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

The view of the pot farm, Redwood Valley, and the mountains from the deck where the weed tastings happen

We got to take in this incredible view from the deck behind the house, where Tall Tree Society plans to hold their weed tastings, as we sat in the warm Mendocino sun imbibing a delicious Papaya Sorbet, one of Tall Tree’s unique genetics – an intensely flavorful and potent organic weed strain that any cannasseur, cronisseur, or ganjier would go crazy for.


Tall Trees Society is dedicated to sustainable regenerative farming, using methods like companion planting, cover cropping, beneficial insects for pest control, sourcing farm materials locally, and raising animals on the farm for a natural source of fertilizer.  They also run a certified organic vegetable farm on the premises as well.  Shane, the owner of the farm, has always been a conservationist at heart, and has been outdoorsy all his life, exploring the woods since he was a kid, and hosting white water rafting tours as a young adult.  His parents are both biologists, so he’s always seen the ecosystem as one whole organism.  

Two cute goats on one of the pot farms in California

Livestock like these friendly goats on the weed farm provide a natural fertilizer for the organic farm crops

The rich, loamy soil from the Russian River is ideal for growing all manner of top quality crops, and the folks at Tall Tree Society are the first people to farm this land, so the rich virgin soil is free from any pesticides or fertilizers, and their holistic approach to farming in harmony with the environment really comes through in the rich flavors of their cannabis.  You can taste it in the smoke.  You can see it in the deep green lushness of the plants.  You can smell it in the air.

Mother plants and clones on one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Tall Trees Society has a nursery, and a hash making facility is currently under construction

Besides being phenomenal weed farmers, Tall Tree Society is also very enthusiastic about cannabis tourism.  Shane is looking forward to giving visitors personalized 420 tours of his farm, nursery, hash making facilities, and of course, gift shop.  He also told us that many of the folks that reside on the farm are accomplished cooks, and they’ve had epicurean events where they’ve roasted whole pigs for various feasts, concerts and other events.


We look forward to sharing Tall Tree Society with our weed tour guests this year.  If you love agricultural tours in California or visiting farms in California, if you’ve always been curious about pot farms in California, of all the tours SF has to offer, of all the farm tours Northern California has to offer, this is the one you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Three cannasseurs on one of the nicest pot farms in California

Shane, (flanked by your intrepid tour guides) is looking forward to welcoming you to Tall Tree Society’s farm

If you want to experience this beautiful farm with us, book your tour with us today.  Our booking calendar is open, and we can’t wait to see you!