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Meet the Boutique Growers of The Emerald Triangle – Sunshine and Alex of Treehouse Delights


A farmer tending her crops on one of the  pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Sunshine Pleasants of Treehouse Delights, a cannassur’s favorite

A cannasseur farmer at one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle tending his crops

Alex Dorman of Treehouse delights, one of the boutique pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle

As important as the terroir is to The Emerald Triangle, the reason pot farmers from around the world are flocking to California’s renowned pot growing region is to meet and learn from the knowledgeable growers who live there.  We’ve been amazed at how many growers come on our weed tours each year.  So for those of you who haven’t been able to book a 420 tour to the pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle with us yet, we will be introducing them to you in our marijuana blog.  


Today we interview some old friends of ours, Sunshine and Alex of Treehouse Delights.  Not only are they Mendocino weed farmers, but they also have a cannabis delivery service – delivering to cannasseurs in the northern San Francisco.Bay area.


Where do you deliver weed to?

Sunshine – We hand deliver throughout Solano County, up to Napa & Petaluma, Crockett down to San Pablo & El Cerrito, Concord, Walnut Creek,  down to Moraga & Lafayette. In addition we have special couriers that deliver through out the state. Dispensaries all over California carry our flowers.


Do you just deliver flower, or do you deliver other cannabis products for imbibing as well?

Sunshine- We have a large variety of products, such as edibles, tinctures, concentrates, topicals, seeds, shatter, cartridges & more.


How has the quarantine affected your business?

Sunshine – We have been extremely busy due to our business being deemed as an medical necessity. We are fortunate to be able to provide medicine to folks who need it.


What measures do you take to insure the safety of your customers during the quarantine?

Sunshine- Every single stock item is sanitized upon entering our office; we clean our office & cars multiple times a day. In addition when delivering we all wear gloves and masks to ensure everyone’s safety.


How did you get started growing weed, and long have you been growing?

Alex- I have been growing for almost 30 years, it started with my love for cannabis. One day a friend showed up at my house with a  hydroponics  grow table for sale, I bought it with a light. Took it back to my warehouse in East Oakland off high street and built a secret room and started my first grow,   hydroponics style. From there I moved my grow to my family land in Covelo where we continue to happily grow till this day


What do you most love about cannabis?

Alex- it makes people feel good, it’s a medicine; a stress relief. Nothing like firing up a joint and blowing your stress away.


What do you love about being weed farmers?

Alex – Researching new strains & Deciding what were going to grow. It’s a beautiful thing to plant that seed and watch it grow up into these amazing plants.


Why are Mendocino farms and Mendocino sungrown cannabis special?

Alex & Sunshine – The soil, the mountains, & the love. It’s the Emerald Triangle


What makes Treehouse Delights brand cannabis stand out?

Sunshine- We are family owned, Native American’s from the Wailacki Tribe on the Round Valley Reservation; we are also part women owned. We are a direct farm to door service, no middlemen, all flowers on our shelves is grown by us or by one of our local friends/ family farms.


What’s your favorite strain that you grew this past year and why?

Alex – All of our OG’s..

Sunshine – (Laughs) Alex is a little biased. I think the Cookie Monster and the Purple Panty dropper. The flowers were the most beautiful I have ever seen. And our customers rave about these two being our best strains.


 What is your personal favorite strain of all time?

Alex- Mimosa it tastes super fruity, it has a wonderful body high- super relaxing. Another one that we can’t keep on the shelves. people mistake it for indoor all the time. (laughs)


What advice do you have for weed farmers who want to learn more?

Alex- you have to have a love for growing marijuana.

Sunshine – don’t go in it for the money… It’s super hard work that can not be neglected. Its 14 hour plus days in the hot sun, its late nights & weekends. Finding the right crew is a must.

a group of cannasseur weed farmers posing for a photo

The team of cannasseur weed farmers at Treehouse Delights – one of the best pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle

What do you have to say to people who think cannabis is scary?

Alex- Life is scary. buckle up buttercup. Don’t leave the house with out your helmet.

Sunshine – Cannabis can be scary, but with anything if you do your research talk with medical professions, to find out if it maybe an option for you. Talk with friends hear there recommendations, and start slow. Cannabis is not for everyone and that’s okay.


I noticed you have something called The Compassion Program.  Tell me about it.

The compassion Program I started on behalf of my father who was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer in 2008 and it had metastasized to his liver and spread like wildfire. Unfortunately, it was too late for my father to have much done. He and his doctors opted to try comfort care, which is lower doses of chemo therapy. My dad was a fighter they had organically gave him 6 months & he ended up living 3 years, at which point he went on end of life care or hospice.
So this program is for individuals who are on hospice or similar program.  End of life care as medicine can be expensive, so we would like to help to relive some of that pain and financial stress.  We give up to 4 items per month for those in need.  In order to qualify we mush have a written recommendation from your California Health Department Doctor. The order must be verified, due to California’s strict rules about not allowing to give free items away.  it also keeps the honest honest..


Anything else you’d like to add?

Sunshine – This industry has been a fun adventure. I am looking forward to the future.


Our mission statement:

Planted with love, grown with compassion, Treehouse Delights

brings the Emerald Triangle to your door.

Logo of Treehouse Delights one of the pot farms in California's Emerald Triangle

Treehouse Delights logo, from the pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle to your door – you’ll be imbibing in no time!