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Our YouTube Channel – Weed Tours and Cannasseur Experiences Without Leaving Home

@ men on a pot farm in California's Emerald Triangle

Have a cannasseur experience of pot farms in California’s Emerald Triangle on a 420 tour from home

The world is going virtual.


Actual 420 tourism isn’t going to be happening for a while, so we decided to take all the elements of our weed tours – education, entertainment, humor, and the incredible beauty of The Emerald Triangle, and put them all on a brand new channel on YouTube.

Cover of 60 Seconds of Cannabis History - a cannasseur's historical experience

Like on our weed tours, our 60 Seconds of Cannabis History series gives you a cannasseur’s historical knowledge

So far, our content includes virtual tours, weed jokes, and an easily digestible 60 Seconds of Cannabis History series. We’re already 5 episodes in and we’re still deep in ancient history.  We plan on taking the series all the way up to the present, so expect a lot of installments.  One thing you’ll learn is that, despite the Federal Government’s position that Cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug with no medical use, it has been in the pharmacopoeia as long as humans have had a pharmacopoeia.   It’s in the oldest pharmacopoeia we have on record from 5,000 years ago, and every culture has used it as a medicine.

Weed jokes cover with title and pot plants from Mendocino farms

Our 420 tours have a lot of humor as well, so we recorded some silly weed jokes so you can enjoy a few laughs while imbibing at home


You can also catch me being upstaged by a very thirsty mosquito, reciting from memory the entire Shel Silverstein epic poem, The Smokeoff.


We’ll even be showing you step by step how to grow your own cannabis from sprouting seeds all the way up through harvest.


So stay tuned!  We’re producing new content all the time.


Until we can take you to the pot farms in California’s famed Emerald Triangle in person once again, let us take you on a vacation to Mendocino farms and Mendocino County from the safety of your own home.  Unlike our real world weed tours, these tours are completely free!  The cannasseur imbibing is up to you.


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