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Archive: Jun 2020

Cannabis Appellations

map to Mendocino

For years before we guided weed tours we brought tourists and wine lovers on tours of Northern California wine country, conducting tours of the Sonoma Valley, the Napa Valley, and the Carneros region.  These aren’t just beautiful places to visit in northern California.  These are examples of appellations.  An appellation is defined as a geographical…

Meet the Boutique Growers of The Emerald Triangle – Jerry Munn of First Cut Farms

a man smoking a cigarette

Photo by Marnie Birger One of the privileges of being a cannabis tour guide is meeting people who changed history. Jerry Munn isn’t just one of Mendocino’s brilliant boutique cannabis farmers.  He was also one of the outlaws who risked his freedom to pring medicine to those who vitally needed it when cannabis was still…

Top 5 Reasons why Mendocino is the first place you should visit when tourism opens again.

Weekend Woods Wine & Weed Tour Image 1

  We’ve been San Francisco Bay Area tour guides for decades.  We’ve taken people on San Francisco sightseeing tours, Muir Woods tours, wine country tours – basically everything the San Francisco Bay area has to offer.  We can tell you everything you want to know about The Golden Gate Bridge, the gold rush, the 1906…