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What is There to do on 420 in San Francisco?

a group of people smoking weed on Hippie Hill in San Francisco

The annual gathering on Hippie Hill is just one of the many things there are to do in San Francisco for 420

It wasn’t that long ago that 4/20 was a clandestine celebration for a few daring renegade outlaw pot smokers. Wow, has all of that changed!  San Francisco has gone from turning a blind eye to small groups of weed smokers, to hosting a week long 420 celebration with every kind of marijuana related activity that you can think of, from the long standing gathering on Hippie Hill, to political discussions on how to fix legal cannabis, to stoner scavenger hunts, to a pot tour of a working cannabis farm in the Emerald Triangle.  There are all kinds of events for everyone from the canna curious to the cannasseur.  You can see the schedule of events for the entire week here.


Here are the top 5 happenings in San Francisco on 4/20:


1. Weed tour to cannabis country with The Mendocino Experience

tourists taking pics on a cannabis farm

Take a field trip to The Emerald Triangle with The Mendocino Experience


Time: 8:30am – 6:30pm

Location:  Leaves from the San Francisco Ferry Building and Fisherman’s Wharf

Gray Line San Francisco has partnered with Mendocino Experience Cannabis Farm Tours for bus trips from San Francisco to Mendocino County, the southernmost part of California’s famed Emerald Triangle.  The canna bus boards in San Francisco at 8:30 am, and travels across the Golden Gate Bridge through Marin and Sonoma counties, while weed-expert tour guides share with you everything you possibly could want to know about cannabis growing, consumption, and history, and answer all your cannabis questions.  

The bus first arrives in Hopland, gateway to the Emerald Triangle, where guests will visit MendoCann dispensary – a cannabis dispensary that carries many of the best weed growers from the Emerald Triangle at amazing local Mendo prices, and celebrates cannabis art with an annual worldwide art contest called High Art – where this year’s winner will be announced on 4:20.

From there, guests can enjoy a wake and bake at a lovely outdoor lounge.  Then it’s on to The Hopland Tap for lunch, (included in the price of the tour – beer not included).

Then it’s up to beautiful Redwood Valley to visit Tall Trees Society Farm, where guests will be able to take all the pictures they want, and get a guided tour of the growing operation, the nursery, and hash making facilities.  If you thought the prices at MendoCann were amazing, wait till you see the farm-direct prices for flowers, clones, and seeds!

Then it’s off to wine tasting at Rivino Winery, an award winning estate winery in southern Mendocino County, and you’re back in San Francisco in time for dinner!  Also available on 4/23.


2. Manny’s Cannabis Panel

Expert panel at The Wine and Weed Symposium

Manny’s will host a panel on the state of legal weed

Time: 6pm – 7:15pm

Location: Manny’s – 3092 16th Street, San Francisco, CA  94103

This is a panel discussion on the current state of legal cannabis with the New Director of The Office of Cannabis along with local dispenser owner Malcom Mirage of Mirage Medicinal, moderated by Manny of Manny’s.  Topics covered will include how things have changed since cannabis became legal, what it’s currently like for San Francisco dispensaries, and how California’s progressive actions in weed legalization have changed the game for the rest of the United States.  This panel discussion will also be available on Zoom, and will be available to view later as well.


3. Johnny’s Couch at Barbary Coast

The toking lounge at Barbary Coast Dispensary in San Francisco

Barbary Coast is hosting a chill afterparty


Time: 630pm – 9:30pm

Location:  Barbary Coast Lounge – 952 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA  94103

Barbary Coast, considered by many to be the best cannabis lounge in San Francisco, hosts a chill afterparty for those not quite finished with their 420 experience after the day’s festivities. Featuring live comedy & music, it’s a mellow way to finish out 4/20 with fellow stoners and revelers.


4. The Big Lebowski @ 420 on 4/20

A depiction of The Big Lebowski

Catch The Big Lebowski at 4:20 on 4/20 at The Balboa Theater

Time: 4:20pm – 5:40pm

Location: The Balboa Theater – 3630 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA  94121

The Cohen Brothers’ Oscar winning cult classic will be playing at the outer Richmond’s Balboa Theater, one of the few operating independent movie houses still in business in San Francisco.  If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, you know what a brilliant movie it is.  If you don’t think so, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, Man.  Starring Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, John Goodman, John Turturro and Jeff Bridges as The Dude.  The Dude abides.


5. The Annual 4/20 gathering at Hippie Hill

People toke up on Hippie Hill for 420

The Annual 420 celebration on Hippie Hill this year has food trucks, music, and celebrity hosts

Time 10am – 5pm

Location:  Robin Williams Meadow, Golden Gate Park

The classic way San Franciscans have been celebrating 4/20 for years.  Ever since the Summer of Love, back in 1967, Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park near Haight Street has been a counterculture gathering and toking spot.  This year the event features Berner of Hip Hop and Cookies fame, Mike Tyson, Jeff Ross, and Hanibal Burress, food trucks, and a farmer’s market with legal cannabis sales. This free event brings thousands of people together every year to celebrate their right to smoke weed.  It’s the most famous gathering spot in San Francisco on 4/20.



If there’s any doubt that Northern California is the center of the cannaverse, 420 week in San Francisco should put all doubts to rest.  See you on 4/20!